Sunday, 8 March 2015

What business card suits you

There are many different types of business cards available for your business needs like custom cards, plastic business cards, transparent cards, VIP business cards, and it is essential to figure out which type of business card suits you best and the nature of your company. You need a card that spoke of what you are presenting to your customers or patrons. Think about how professional you want your business card to be, and what note you want it to commune to the people you give it to. Here I am presenting you the seven different styles of business cards that you must can between before starting your design.

1. Standard:
The standard size of business card is “3.5 x 2” in rectangular shape, having square corners. This is the standard size and every company provides you the same standard size for it at fixed rate, but there are some black sheep’s in the market who charged you extra for this standard rate. You have to keep an idea of what the standard size cost mostly and then find some reputable dealer in this regard. You can find some reputable business card dealers in ISB.

2. Round Corners:
If you don’t want square corner cards you can also vary that by having round corner cards. Upon their creation, die cut gives them a unique shape. In this way your business card will look softer than standard one. In round corner cards you have to preplan the design before ordering it to print. So you can see if your business card is not looking that messy.

3. Square:
Square cards are in fashion nowadays. They are smaller than standard one. Normally the size of square card is about “2 x 2”but it’s definitely a unique style that will differ your card from everybody else. In this card what matter is the space you have to design your card in such a way that is conveying what it want too but not looking messy too.

4. Die Cut:
These business cards are very unique from others. You can choose to have it with the provided one by your dealer or if you have any other option for it. It can cost you a little bit.

5. Plastic cards:
If you want to promote your business uniquely in Pakistan or in Islamabad, then you must consider plastic business card for it, as this material is as versatile as paper and it last for more time. Custom cards made from plastic can be as dramatic as conservative as you wish. These are cost effective too.

6. Fold over:
For companies that want to include more information related to their work can have fold over cards which come in size “3.5x4”, which provide you double more space than the space provided in standard cards.

7. Portfolio cards: 
If you want to add some more images in your business cards or want you want to include the images of your products, and then you should print that in portfolio style. These cards are best for photographers, videographers, bloggers or anyone who want to have a distinct style.

As you can see, there are varieties of business cards available; all of them vary in price and uniqueness. Make sure you pick the card that superlative signifies your company, but make sure it is still within your budget. Also, double check that your card conveys the message you want it to your customers to get the best response.

Some other options to consider for your business cards printing include: stock weight and color, size, full color printing or black and white printing, single sided printing or double sided printing, and how many cards you will need. You will never want to run out of cards, so it is important that you order more than you think you will need. It is a bad idea to get caught without your cards.

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